Seasons change each other in the eternal dance of life, and autumn will soon take its turn. Many of us will welcome it with open arms as it is a beautiful season when nature plays with changing colors, we start new projects, and our kids join kindergartens and schools.

In autumn, summer heat changes to cool breezes in the morning and a chill at night. With cooler weather, every parent cares about the child being dressed appropriately to play outside and still feel comfortable inside the building, so choosing a proper outfit for changeable weather becomes a real challenge. Our Parcel Up team has prepared some tips to help you find the essential autumn clothing for your children. In the end, you will find the list of popular shops for kids’ clothes and shoes.

Tips For The Youngest Preschoolers:

  • Have a jacket for the kid nearby; the weather can quickly change. 
  • Consider an onion look: take on a T-shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, and a light jacket. Depending on the temperature change, your kid will take on or off some clothes to feel more comfortable.
  • Do not choose shirts or jackets with too many buttons or zippers; it might be difficult for the youngest to cope with them.
  • Buy comfortable and reliable shoes that can protect the feet from injuries and provide comfort in case of slight autumn rain.
  • Pay attention to hats, scarves, and mittens/gloves. Air can be cool in the morning, but hats can be removed with the sun going up.

Tips On The Most Essential Clothes For School Children:

The list of clothes your kid will need during the school year mostly depends on whether there is a school uniform. But in case there is no obligation concerning the clothes to wear, check the list of the most necessary clothing and shoes:

  • 2-3 pairs of jeans or pants; 
  • 3-5 t-shirts or tops;
  • 3-5 long-sleeve shirts or tops; 
  • 3-5 hoodies or sweaters;
  • 2-3 dresses/ skirts (for a girl);
  • Underwear, socks, tights. 

Items amount can vary depending on how often you do the laundry. 


  • Sneakers;
  • Casual/dress shoes;
  • (rain/snow) boots, rubber boots.

Outerwear will depend mainly on the climate where you live. Children will need each of the following outerwear items:

  • Raincoat;
  • Windbreaker or fleece jacket; 
  • Winter coat;
  •  Gloves or mittens;
  • Winter hat and scarf.                            

As parents, we always care for our kids to be well-protected and have the best-quality outfit and a range of clothing to pick from. At this point, we recommend staying eco-friendly and buying the most basic stuff, which your kid will wear for a while with pleasure.

Sometimes our tastes differ from our kids’ preferences in fashion matters. Hence, as adults, we need to be wiser and choose clothes together, allowing the kid to choose a particular outfit. In this way, you can be sure that the purchased garment will be worn for a long time, and you will keep a good relationship with your child.